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Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies


Oh wait I actually have to write it don't I. Ahem. Okay.

We all suffer from plot bunnies. The little bitches bite hard and don't let go. hollow_lapines is for sharing the pain of bunny bites.

What is yay for posting:

1. Bunnies you don't want to write, but would love to see someone else take a go at.

2. Bunnies you don't want to write and know probably shouldn't be written, but you just have to GET THEM OUT

3. Bunnies you'd like to write sometime but can't yet

4. Bunnies you will write soon but you REALLY need to squee about--just make sure to note if they're not free-range bunnies anyone can pick up.

5. Fic resulting from the bunnies. Just make sure to lj-cut.

We like bunny discussion of all types, so that's good to post too. Bunny-related things in general = good.

So go! Let your bunnies be free range bunnies, for all to see!
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